Monday, 17 August 2015

Cory is a Fan: hitree

I've been coveting the adorable things for sale in hitree, a 'Woodland Children's Decor and Accessories' shop. Children? I want it all for me! The sweet felt objects that resemble trees and twigs are my favourite, for example this pencil case:

Pencil Pouch Log by hitree

How sweet is that? And what would I put in this pouch you ask? Why, some pencils in these lovely pencil cozies, of course!:
Twig Pencil Cozies Set of Two by hitree
Finally, perhaps best of all... is this Giant Sequoia pillow:
Tree Pillow Giant Sequoia by hitree

Perhaps I'm homesick for the great trees of western Canada...  or perhaps I just like cute felt woodland plush toys. Probably both!

Saturday, 15 August 2015

My lonely little shop...

I keep shutting down my poor shop, so I can dedicate 100% of my time to my thesis. The last few months were very busy, and I had to take another break.

But I'm back again! And I notice each time I return, I'm afraid I will never make another sale, and people won't like my jewellery anymore, and I'll have to pack it all away for good and wistfully remember all the good times between me and my little saw and spotlight desk lamp.

But no! I have lovely customers that I am making orders for already. It makes me so happy. Thank you, wonderful book jewellery loving people!
Thank goodness you keep this from happening!  Packing up my desk wouldn't look like this at all, actually...