Sunday, 12 January 2014

The Top 5 Social Media Tools for Your Etsy Business

So you've opened an Etsy shop, and you've taken some beautiful pictures of your products to show people what you make - now you need to get the word out!  Here are the best tools that I've found gets your word out and doesn't waste your time:

5. Discussion Forums

It may be a bit old school, but belonging to an active discussion forum, and sharing the link to your Etsy shop in your signature does get traffic.  Plus the link may help you in the search engines.  Just try not to join discussion forums for the sole purpose of peddling your wares... it doesn't get nice reactions, and it's against most forums' rules anyway!

Another benefit to forums is that you can find people who can help you, or you can lend your support for others - you're already crafty, why don't you join a craft forum?  Try or search for another, and start chatting!  You can share pictures of your crafts, get ideas and hints, and maybe after you've contributed for a while, you can show people your website and get some interested people :)

4. Blogging

I probably shouldn't tell you all to go and blog when I'm not the best blogger myself, or even a really good one... but blogging is fun, and you do network with people and increase your webpage views!  I tend to get between 5-10 people a day who come to my Etsy shop via this blog, and I'm not terribly active!  I'd like to be better and I'm working on it...!

3. Facebook

Make a Facebook page for your Etsy shop, and connect your shop so that people can like it from Etsy!  Then you can communicate with your fans over Facebook.  Build up your likes from a few 'like' ladders at first, but remember these aren't quality likes.  Just keep chatting, and like other people's pages and posts that are interesting as well.  Support them, share other things on Etsy that you see, and your fan base will grow!  Post pictures of you at work, or new designs you are working on.  Just don't repeatedly ask everyone on your friends' list to join... mention it once in a while if you want, but don't badger them!

2. Pinterest

Pinterest is quickly becoming a more and more valuable way to bring people to visit your Etsy shop, as Etsy has a button to share your photos on their site - I recommend getting an account, and following a lot of other crafters and people who know and network with, and others who pin things that you like.  Then make a board for all your creations and regularly add to them!  Hopefully one will go a bit viral, and if you have been pinning them from your website or have your website written in the description, it could bring you loads of traffic!  I owe my busy Christmas to a naughty pair of earrings that went viral on Pinterest...!!

1. Twitter

And finally, Twitter.  Due to its huge user base, people can share your Etsy site or items with their friends, but you can also use it to advertise your shop.  Just don't spend all your time sharing your links - tailor the message you send out with your links, and connect with people to build up your followers.  Tweet and support other Etsy-ers as well.  Make a few light-hearted posts, ask a few questions, and you'll probably have a bit of fun while you're tweeting away.

Hopefully all these avenues of social media look helpful to you and your Etsy shop!  Give one or more a try if you haven't already, and I hope you get more sales and views than before!


  1. I agree. With today’s technology, where most people are looking for everything they need over the Internet, it’s really a wise move to take advantage of all the available tools to benefit in one’s business. Your list covers some the best tools to use for social media promotion and advertising. To further add to the list, a website is also a good way to boost visibility, and you tend to have more control of its content than other fixed media. It’s a little bit difficult to maintain unlike Facebook and Twitter, but once you get used to it, the result will be rewarding.

    Jean Bridges @ OnPage1

  2. I agree. After successfully opening your business, the next step is to spread the word and reach out to your target audience, and turn them into your loyal customers. It can be difficult at first, because you have to build up a good PR plan to draw their attention. Fortunately, social media platforms can great help in promoting one’s business, and most of them are free! It can help spread word about your business quickly and efficiently.

    Della Meyer @ Spark Local Marketing

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