Friday, 29 June 2012

Cory is a fan: aSlipShop

Is this not the best idea?  A slip extender, like this one from aSlipShop:

I always find dresses and skirts that I like, but I dont feel comfortable buying because I dont want to wear something that barely covers my bum!  I don't think it looks nice!  (In fact, I have a dress that I love, but I'm going to alter it so that is has a white trim on the bottom that extends it a few inches - but now I'm thinking this is a great solution to a lot of other dresses and skirts!) 

I'm not a tall girl, but I still find a lot of dresses I try on have the hem half way up my thigh!  I know it's the style (and the fact that I do a lot of shopping at Primark adn H&M), but I like my modesty :p

Plus, they look really pretty and girly!!

How about this nice scalloped one:

Or this one which is quite pretty:

A perfect summer purchase this could be (when summer decides to arrive...!)

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Cuddle Otters

Yes this doesn't have anything to do with crafting, but...

All together now, AWWWWWWW!!!!!

Sunday, 24 June 2012

And the winner of the June giveaway is...!

It's now the time to announce the winner of my third blog giveaway! 
The winner will recieve my Maple Bookshelf Necklace and a pair of book stud earrings, pictured right!  It looks like I'm wearing the prize necklace, but it's actually just blocking out my own bookshelf necklace...!
In all, 14 individuals voted, with a total of 27 entries!  So good odds all around.  But I could only draw one winner...

As always I made the draw from my magic hat, where everyone's entry was entered on a slip of paper - the more entries you made, the more slips of paper had your name!

So in they went and I pulled out the name, and the winner is... Anna from Classically Romantic!  This is exciting, Anna is from Minnesota and has a beautiful shop on Etsy full of really nice vintage themed jewellery. 

I'll now be getting in contact with Anna and will post her her prize!  I hope she likes it :)
Thanks to everyone who entered... you can enter all of my giveaways and hopefully you'll win next time!  I'll see if I can squeeze in doing another one before I leave, as I'll be in France from the second half of July to the first half of August.  We'll see!!

As an aside, I've had the most frustrating time trying to align the photos.  It's the most annoying thing about Blogger, ARGHHH!!! :p

Saturday, 23 June 2012

Self Asessment - I'm a real crafter!

I submitted my taxes for Coryographies through self assessment for the first time, for the tax year 2011-12!  I feel like the happiest taxpayer ever, because it means I'm self employed and doing what I love!

It's also significant because as an immigrant I'm contributing to my new country... which feels really good :)

So I know it's a bit silly, but... yippee!

PS I know I mentioned I'd be reporting the results of the giveaway today, but it will actually be tomorrow - I'm at that craft fair all day today which I should have factored in!!

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Cards and Hungerford on Saturday

I've been noticing how popular cards are at craft fairs.  Has anyone else noticed this?  Like how people walk in, buy 8 cards, and then begin browsing the rest of the stalls.  I guess it's because everyone will need a card eventually!

I guess I'm just not much of a card person myself.  Maybe it's because they're pretty but just get thrown out?  That's sad.  I keep special cards though, so I thought - if I made cards but make them really special - maybe they wont make me feel bad!

So I've got some card supplies and am making some cards to go along with my jewellery - if someone is purchasing a gift, they can buy a pair of my earrings that dangle in a scene on the front of the card - then it's a card and gift all in one!  So far I've made 3 - lets see how many I can do before the craft far at Hungerford town hall on Saturday!

Pretty Hungerford

Oh, have I not mentioned I'm going to a craft fair at Hungerford town hall on Saturday??

I love Hungerford, it's a pretty little village full of antique shops and tea shops. 

I'll upload some photos of my cards to come - so far I have ones for my new mallard duck earrings and sheep earrings!  Gosh it takes a certain type of person to love my jewellery doesn't it... ;)

Sunday, 17 June 2012

A new look...

You may have noticed the blog looking a bit different...!  I thought it was time to lighten it up and make it look a bit nicer.  The book spine background was fun, but you can't go wrong with bright and simple!  I hope you like it :)

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Cory is a fan: Bird Brain Jewellery

My dear friend Hazel has opened up a brand new Etsy shop showcasing her very cute polymer clay bird creations!  I saw her wearing one of these rings and was blown away, they look so good.  Order yourself one, or the adorable red earrings I have my eye on... (visit Bird Brain Jewellery!)

Sunday, 10 June 2012

June giveaway picture!

Hi everyone,

I've finally stopped being lazy and took a picture of the giveaway necklace and earrings you can win in my current giveaway:

Have you entered yet?  It's open to everyone, and if I draw your name I will send you this cute necklace and earring set!!

Enter here:

Friday, 8 June 2012

New Bookshelf Necklace: Shabby Chic Bookshelf Necklace

Hooray, I have a new bookshelf necklace design to share!  I'm particularly fond of this one, as it's quite pretty and has a nice little bow on the side.  Here's a swatch of pictures:

I hope everyone else likes it!  I made the shabby chic effect by first painting the bookshelf dark brown, and then really roughly painting it over in cream.  The chain is bronze, and a little cream coloured bow sewn to the side finishes it off!  Very sweet :)  I like how the third picture has the word 'philologist' right underneath the necklace.  I wonder which book I grabbed for the photoshoot....

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Coryographies on!

San Francisco - kind of like Vancouver, if Vancouver was
lucky enough to be in California.
I love finding my jewellery posted around on the internet.  Etsy tells me from which links people come to my page, and I check out the pages they came from regularly, and then see which blogs and websites have linked to my shop! 

I think the most beneficial post has been on - but I think it's just a picture without a link to my shop, but many people who buy my necklaces say that's where they first saw them!  A quick google will always find me :)

The latest Coryographies appearance on the net at the moment is on the San Francisco Center for the Book's blog!

I was very happy to see a bunch of my jewellery posted there... even a cameo by yours truly in one of the photos ;)  It looks like a lovely organisation, offering workshops on bookbinding even.  Here's a snippet about what they do and are for:

"The San Francisco Center for the Book fosters the joys of books and bookmaking. The history, artistry, and continuing presence of books in our culture and enduring importance as a medium of self-expression. We provide both a home for Bay Area book artists and a place where the wider community can discover book arts"

Sounds wonderful!!

I hope the pictures of my items on the blog spreads my bookshelf necklaces to even more book lovers!  I sold a number of them in the last few days, and thought this may be why, but none of them were to the San Francisco area...!

P.S. I adore San Francisco.  I got to go on a fieldtrip (*cough* band trip *cough*) when I was 17 and it was beautiful.  I'd love to go again!

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

June June June... work work work!

While Denmark looks and sounds lovely, I'm not too
 enamoured with it as it has stolen my husband!

I've been doing a LOT of crafting in the last 5 days - in a large part because my husband has left for Denmark for an entire month!  He's on an archaeological dig, and as an arcaheologist's wife I'm destined to be a widow in the summers.  Luckily though, he is a quasi-archaeologist's husband as well, and 2 weeks after he returns it is my turn to run away to France for a month and dig up Neanderthals!

But for this month, is crafting time.  I spent the weekend at the Woodstock craft fair, my second time at this venue.  I really enjoyed myself!  Saturday went great, and I made a nice little profit.  But Sunday, with the Jubilee celebrations and rain, made the town a bit of a ghost town and I only sold one bookshelf necklace and two pairs of earrings.  Still, I had a great time and met lots of crafters, and it was worth it just for the really enjoyable weekend!

The husband is unfortunately away with the good camera, so I'm wondering how I will upload my new items.  I'll give it a shot with my old digital, but it might come out a bit blurry!

My Shabby Chic Bookshelf Necklace wont
be this ornate!!

Coming soon to my Etsy shop I'll be selling tiny sheep earrings which I think are quite adorable.  They're three dimensional and have tiny little legs...!  I have no idea who else other than me would love a cute pair of sheep dangling from their ears but we'll see!

My second project I'm working on is a new bookshelf necklace design - this one is called my 'Shabby Chic Bookshelf Necklace', and will be cream with white and pink and brown books, and a bronze coloured chain.  I'm going to tie a cute cream coloured ribbon on the side of the chain, and I'm considering painting a pink heat on the side of the bookshelf but I dont know if I'm overdoing it!  But I quite like this design :)  Blurry pictures to come!

Expect lots of blog posts in the coming month, I'm a sad lonely wife missing her husband :(

Sunday, 3 June 2012

Coryographies on Folksy!

Have you heard of Folksy?

It's the UK version of Etsy, where you find 'modern British craft', and it's full of great gifts by talented UK crafters.  So I decided to join them!

My shop there is still very tiny, and features only a few items that are also for sale on my Etsy, but I thought - branch out!  Spread around the Coryographies love!

Friday, 1 June 2012

June sale, Giveaway, and countdown to Canada Day!

Happy June everyone!  In the spirit of a new month, there is another sale and another giveaway.  Since July 1st is Canada Day, I'm counting down the days by offering my Maple Bookshelf Necklace for £18!

And as well, I will be giving away one of my Maple Bookshelf Necklaces along with a matching pair of book stud earrings!  The giveaway is free and anyone can enter!

There are four ways to enter the giveaway (please read carefully so I count your vote!!).  You can enter any of the ways, or a combination, or all of them.  Then post a comment on this blog post telling me how you entered:

Magic Giveaway Hat

1) Follow my blog, then comment saying you've done so! If you already follow my blog, this counts as one of your votes, but you still need to comment and tell me :)

2) Follow me on Twitter, then comment here telling me you have done so.   If you already follow me on Twitter then like in 1), it still counts for a vote but you still need to comment and tell me.

3) Like my Facebook page:  And as before, if you already do, this counts as a vote, but you still need to comment and tell me!

4) Finally, go to my Etsy shop and like one of my items on Facebook!  Comment here telling me which one you liked :) 

As always, I will make the draw out of my magic hat.   The giveaway will close on Friday June 22nd, and I will draw the winner on Saturday June 23rd!

Good luck everyone!