Friday, 1 June 2012

June sale, Giveaway, and countdown to Canada Day!

Happy June everyone!  In the spirit of a new month, there is another sale and another giveaway.  Since July 1st is Canada Day, I'm counting down the days by offering my Maple Bookshelf Necklace for £18!

And as well, I will be giving away one of my Maple Bookshelf Necklaces along with a matching pair of book stud earrings!  The giveaway is free and anyone can enter!

There are four ways to enter the giveaway (please read carefully so I count your vote!!).  You can enter any of the ways, or a combination, or all of them.  Then post a comment on this blog post telling me how you entered:

Magic Giveaway Hat

1) Follow my blog, then comment saying you've done so! If you already follow my blog, this counts as one of your votes, but you still need to comment and tell me :)

2) Follow me on Twitter, then comment here telling me you have done so.   If you already follow me on Twitter then like in 1), it still counts for a vote but you still need to comment and tell me.

3) Like my Facebook page:  And as before, if you already do, this counts as a vote, but you still need to comment and tell me!

4) Finally, go to my Etsy shop and like one of my items on Facebook!  Comment here telling me which one you liked :) 

As always, I will make the draw out of my magic hat.   The giveaway will close on Friday June 22nd, and I will draw the winner on Saturday June 23rd!

Good luck everyone!


  1. Love your work.Following via google reader

  2. Hi there! New follower to your blog, twitter, and fb page! I've hearted a few things in your shop but I quite adore the Antiqued Bookshelf best!

    I found you on Etsy a few months ago and have no idea why I didn't favourite you! But I'm glad I have now, your shop and designs are amazing :D

  3. 1) I follow on GFC here :)
    2) I follow you on Twitter
    3) And I've liked you on Facebook
    4) and liked my favourite item on Facebook (rose inspired bookcase!) xo

  4. I just stumbled across you looking for presents for my sister! I love your creations. c:
    I followed your blog on Google Reader, liked you on facebook, followed on Twitter, and liked the Teashop Bookshelf on Facebook.

  5. Hi, new fan here! I followed you on blogspot, twitter (vulgarneopets), facebook, and I favourited you on etsy, too! On facebook I favourited your Shabby Chic bookshelf necklace. I just love the bow on that one! (I couldnt find the tea shop bookshelf necklace? That one is probably my favourite, but I also love the Shabby Chic one!)

    How will you be contacting the winner of the giveaway?

    Anyway, adorable work! So excited!

  6. Thanks scoggman! I contact people in any way possible - I look for an email address first, but if there is none then I message through Facebook or Twitter. I'll find a way! :)

  7. Hi! I'm following your blog :)

    Please count me in for one entry to the draw!

    Take care,

    Autumn Thyme :D

  8. 1) Following your blog

    2) Following you on Twitter

    3) Liked your Facebook page

    4) Liked your World Traveller's Bookshelf on Facebook from your Etsy shop

    Thank you!!!

  9. I thought I had already "liked" your facebook page! I guess I didn't, but now I just did.

    You already gave me something for free, so if I win I'd like to give it to Hallie as a present :)


    1. Wow, I'm really late lol. Nevermiiiiiind haha.

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