Tuesday, 5 June 2012

June June June... work work work!

While Denmark looks and sounds lovely, I'm not too
 enamoured with it as it has stolen my husband!

I've been doing a LOT of crafting in the last 5 days - in a large part because my husband has left for Denmark for an entire month!  He's on an archaeological dig, and as an arcaheologist's wife I'm destined to be a widow in the summers.  Luckily though, he is a quasi-archaeologist's husband as well, and 2 weeks after he returns it is my turn to run away to France for a month and dig up Neanderthals!

But for this month, is crafting time.  I spent the weekend at the Woodstock craft fair, my second time at this venue.  I really enjoyed myself!  Saturday went great, and I made a nice little profit.  But Sunday, with the Jubilee celebrations and rain, made the town a bit of a ghost town and I only sold one bookshelf necklace and two pairs of earrings.  Still, I had a great time and met lots of crafters, and it was worth it just for the really enjoyable weekend!

The husband is unfortunately away with the good camera, so I'm wondering how I will upload my new items.  I'll give it a shot with my old digital, but it might come out a bit blurry!

My Shabby Chic Bookshelf Necklace wont
be this ornate!!

Coming soon to my Etsy shop I'll be selling tiny sheep earrings which I think are quite adorable.  They're three dimensional and have tiny little legs...!  I have no idea who else other than me would love a cute pair of sheep dangling from their ears but we'll see!

My second project I'm working on is a new bookshelf necklace design - this one is called my 'Shabby Chic Bookshelf Necklace', and will be cream with white and pink and brown books, and a bronze coloured chain.  I'm going to tie a cute cream coloured ribbon on the side of the chain, and I'm considering painting a pink heat on the side of the bookshelf but I dont know if I'm overdoing it!  But I quite like this design :)  Blurry pictures to come!

Expect lots of blog posts in the coming month, I'm a sad lonely wife missing her husband :(

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