Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Coryographies on!

San Francisco - kind of like Vancouver, if Vancouver was
lucky enough to be in California.
I love finding my jewellery posted around on the internet.  Etsy tells me from which links people come to my page, and I check out the pages they came from regularly, and then see which blogs and websites have linked to my shop! 

I think the most beneficial post has been on - but I think it's just a picture without a link to my shop, but many people who buy my necklaces say that's where they first saw them!  A quick google will always find me :)

The latest Coryographies appearance on the net at the moment is on the San Francisco Center for the Book's blog!

I was very happy to see a bunch of my jewellery posted there... even a cameo by yours truly in one of the photos ;)  It looks like a lovely organisation, offering workshops on bookbinding even.  Here's a snippet about what they do and are for:

"The San Francisco Center for the Book fosters the joys of books and bookmaking. The history, artistry, and continuing presence of books in our culture and enduring importance as a medium of self-expression. We provide both a home for Bay Area book artists and a place where the wider community can discover book arts"

Sounds wonderful!!

I hope the pictures of my items on the blog spreads my bookshelf necklaces to even more book lovers!  I sold a number of them in the last few days, and thought this may be why, but none of them were to the San Francisco area...!

P.S. I adore San Francisco.  I got to go on a fieldtrip (*cough* band trip *cough*) when I was 17 and it was beautiful.  I'd love to go again!

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  1. That's so great! But you didn't upload any of the photos you found. :( Can we see them?

    -Cat (aka basil in case you were wondering)