Thursday, 21 June 2012

Cards and Hungerford on Saturday

I've been noticing how popular cards are at craft fairs.  Has anyone else noticed this?  Like how people walk in, buy 8 cards, and then begin browsing the rest of the stalls.  I guess it's because everyone will need a card eventually!

I guess I'm just not much of a card person myself.  Maybe it's because they're pretty but just get thrown out?  That's sad.  I keep special cards though, so I thought - if I made cards but make them really special - maybe they wont make me feel bad!

So I've got some card supplies and am making some cards to go along with my jewellery - if someone is purchasing a gift, they can buy a pair of my earrings that dangle in a scene on the front of the card - then it's a card and gift all in one!  So far I've made 3 - lets see how many I can do before the craft far at Hungerford town hall on Saturday!

Pretty Hungerford

Oh, have I not mentioned I'm going to a craft fair at Hungerford town hall on Saturday??

I love Hungerford, it's a pretty little village full of antique shops and tea shops. 

I'll upload some photos of my cards to come - so far I have ones for my new mallard duck earrings and sheep earrings!  Gosh it takes a certain type of person to love my jewellery doesn't it... ;)

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  1. I hope you do well at the fair :) xo