Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Make my thesis grow!!!

I should have been making a Harry Potter bookshelf and some earrings today, but instead I was doing this:

It hasn't grown much, but I'm tap tap tapping away...

Sunday, 26 April 2015

Spring is here and so am I!

It's been a long, difficult Winter/Spring season, where I've been swamped with PhD work including running a pilot study and finishing a draft of 4 chapters of my thesis to hand in. I shut my little Etsy shop for quite a bit of this time, but have come back in the last few weeks with enthusiasm! New business cards, purchased! Organize workdesk! Uploaded new photos! And, THREE new items have been released in my shop.
New Vintage Penguin Style Stack of Books Earrings

New Teacher's Bookshelf Necklace
Bookshelf on Fire: Hunger Games Bookshelf Necklace
These include a new 'stack of book' style earrings in vintage Penguin design, a bookshelf perfect for a teacher, and a Hunger Games themed bookshelf which I've called 'Bookshelf on Fire', since that's what it looks like - the bookshelf itself is black, overlayed with vermillion, white, and gold paint to make it look like flames shooting out of the inside. On the shelves are an arrow, a little loaf of bread, and a pendant on the top shelf.

So I'm back to work in my corner bedroom workshop now - intermittently reading papers and writing my thesis. But the main message is, I'm back!