Me at my workshop in the corner of
my bedroom!!
My name is Cory, and I'm a Canadain expat living in the UK with my charming English husband.  I'm originally from Vancouver Island, Canada - the land of giant trees and white sandy beaches, with the odd bear or whale.  If you dont know it, it's about the size of Wales, just with a lot less people.

So what brought me half way around the world to the land of thatch cottages and tea, with the odd pigeon or washing machine placed in the kitchen?  It was university!  I had finished a degree in linguistics at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, and followed my passions to come to London and study palaeolithic archaeology at UCL in London.

The biggiest tiny little island
On excavation in Spain (that sounds romantic doesn't it!?) I met my future husband, who was from another UK university, and the rest is history!  I never planned to stay in the UK, but I love it here and have dreams of a life in a stone country house by rolling hills dotted with sheep.  Though I love where I'm from, it looks like I'm here to stay. 

So the next question, why crafting?  I've always loved being creative and making things, and in hindsight it makes sense for me, but it, like living in the UK, wasn't my original plan.  My dream (and it still is my goal) is to be a researcher in language origins and evolution and to work and teach in universities.  I'm currently in the first year of my PhD, and my jewellery business is helping me reach my goal!

Little yummy sushi bits to wear
(dont actually eat them!!)
I was working in an office in London when my colleague showed me her Etsy site, where she sold jewellery she assembled.  I thought - I could do that!  And it would be a fun way for me to have a creative outlet.  After some thought, I bought £20 worth of polymer clay, my decided medium, watched a few Youtube tutorial videos, and started on selling jewellery with tiny polymer clay sushi pieces.  

I absolutely love making my
bookshelf necklaces, and they look
really cute too!

After sushi, my next project was tiny bookshelves made of wood and polymer clay - they took off, and are the main thing I sell in my shop. They are the original bookshelf necklace - a few others have popped up around the internet, but I think mine are special. They're highly detailed and I put a lot of love and work into them. 

I set up this blog at around the same time, as a way to document my learning curve among other things.  I still have so much to learn about being self employed, and I'm having so many new experiences at craft fairs, learning the ins and outs of social media, and enjoying the freedom of working for myself (I have a nice boss)!

I hope you'll stay a regular visitor to my blog and come with me as I bumble through making a successful business out of what I love! 

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