Monday, 17 August 2015

Cory is a Fan: hitree

I've been coveting the adorable things for sale in hitree, a 'Woodland Children's Decor and Accessories' shop. Children? I want it all for me! The sweet felt objects that resemble trees and twigs are my favourite, for example this pencil case:

Pencil Pouch Log by hitree

How sweet is that? And what would I put in this pouch you ask? Why, some pencils in these lovely pencil cozies, of course!:
Twig Pencil Cozies Set of Two by hitree
Finally, perhaps best of all... is this Giant Sequoia pillow:
Tree Pillow Giant Sequoia by hitree

Perhaps I'm homesick for the great trees of western Canada...  or perhaps I just like cute felt woodland plush toys. Probably both!

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