Friday, 29 June 2012

Cory is a fan: aSlipShop

Is this not the best idea?  A slip extender, like this one from aSlipShop:

I always find dresses and skirts that I like, but I dont feel comfortable buying because I dont want to wear something that barely covers my bum!  I don't think it looks nice!  (In fact, I have a dress that I love, but I'm going to alter it so that is has a white trim on the bottom that extends it a few inches - but now I'm thinking this is a great solution to a lot of other dresses and skirts!) 

I'm not a tall girl, but I still find a lot of dresses I try on have the hem half way up my thigh!  I know it's the style (and the fact that I do a lot of shopping at Primark adn H&M), but I like my modesty :p

Plus, they look really pretty and girly!!

How about this nice scalloped one:

Or this one which is quite pretty:

A perfect summer purchase this could be (when summer decides to arrive...!)

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  1. I LOVE this shop! Their slips are adorable... makes me want to find a too short skirt *just* so I can get a slip lol