Thursday, 31 May 2012

Cory is a fan: Birdhouse Blessings

I stumbled across these darling birdhouses the other day on Etsy, from Birdhouse Blessings

Eeee!  So cute!  Yet again, more things I covet but cant have without any outside space with this flat.  One day I'll have a garden, one day!  And I will hang adorable birdhouses like these:

I remember when I was young my father made birdhouses.  One of them he made for a woodpecker, and it was long and deep - the woodpeckers liked it!

I've always been really interested in birds, and knowing what type were landing and eating seed on our porch - here in Britain there are many different birds to the ones I knew on Vancouver Island.  I think the Blue Tit has to be my favourite, tied with the itsy bitsy Robins they have over here!  TINY they are!

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  1. Those bird houses had caught my eye on Etsy before too. I do have a garden but no trees mature enough for a bird house. We do get some lovely birds though, even though we're in a very urban area. We have two robins that visit regularly- one is the smallest I've ever seen! A couple of weeks ago we had a visit from a sparrowhawk, who just appeared on our fence! This morning we caught a glimpse of a lovely little bird- we're not sure what it was, my husband thinks maybe turtledove.