Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Bookshelf Necklace News!

Well I've made a big decision... I've reduced all my bookshelves by £5 (the ones that were previously £30 are now £25, and the ones that were £25 are now £20... the Beach House Bookshelf Necklace, which was already on sale for £20, has been further reduced to £18 until the end of the month)!  Why did I do this...?

The reason!  I've been making these necklaces for a while now.  I'm getting better and faster, and I'm less wasteful with the materials.  Also, I feel like I can handle any increase in volume if more people buy them at the lower rate.  Most of the sales this month have been for my Beach House Bookshelf Necklace, which has been at £20, which is the rate I had been thinking of lowering many of the necklaces to - and since I'd been thinking about this change for a while, and I just decided to go for it!

It might not seem like a big difference, but these necklaces are actually what pay my bills!  90% of my sales come from people buying my bookshelf necklaces, so this actually feels like a big change for me  as the impact could be big.  Hopefully it all works out, and perhaps my jewellery will reach a wider audience.  I'm ready and curious to see what happens!!


  1. I get paid on the 8th. I'll be buying one around then and I can't decide which one yet! xo

  2. Hope the new price works well for you and you sell lots more! Hope your craft fairs go well too, I'm enjoying following your progress (although you're a lot further forward than me!) and your stalls are looking great!!

  3. Aw thanks Anastasia! The price drop came at a good time for you ;)

    And thanks a lot Messypuppet, it's nice to know you're following my progress - if I can do this anyone can! :)