Wednesday, 16 May 2012

My First Craft Fair!

That's right, I executed my first successful craft fair on May 5th, and I didn't die or anything.

It was actually a lot of fun!  I was so nervous beforehand, simply not knowing what to expect; but it was super straightforward.  Bring items.  Find table with name on it.  Set up table.  Sit for 8 hours and chat to nice people.  Done!

There wasn't an incredible amount of footfall - one seller mentioned this was the first craft fair she'd been to where she hadn't sold a SINGLE THING (gulp)... but luckily I was able to sell a pair of my teapot earrings within the first few minutes!  Unfortunately that just set me up for dissapointment, as I didn't sell another pair until 2 hours later!  At the end of the day I had sold 5 sets of earrings, 1 set of hair clips, and one set of 3 pairs of earrings.  It was an alright start, and I'm excited to be going back again for both the Saturday and Sunday at the beginning of June!

My items all lined up and ready to go!


  1. I am definitely going to be investing in some of your bookcase necklaces once I find myself a job (stupid student life :(!)

    Your jewellery is amaaaazing! :)


  2. Well done on your first fair. Hopefully people took cards away with them and may well be back to buy online! x

  3. Thanks Anastasia! I sympathise with the student budget :) I've escaped student life but somehow not the budget... ;) I'll check out your blog!

    Thanks Wendy! Yes lots of cards were given out, so hopefully it was good for getting my name out there! I'm looking forward to going back in a few weeks :) Hopefully it will be SUNNY! :D