Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Happy May 1st! And May sale.

Hooray, it's May!  May is my favourite month of the year - not just because my birthday is in May, but because I love the weather - it's warm but not too warm, and the bugs aren't out yet!  Sunny days in the park reading, longer evenings, and Spring meals of fresh greens instead of the winter fare of stews and pies.  Above I have a lovely picture of Vancouver's cherry blossom season which I am missing here in the UK :(
To celebrate May, I'm putting my Beach House Bookshelf Necklace on sale for £20 - I actually wanted to put a tiny shell on the top shelf of this necklace when I was first designing it, to make it more beach-y, and I have the shells in a little bag unused - but I was worried it would make the necklace less popular!  Maybe I'll make another necklace with a shell on it instead...


  1. I am absolutely in LOVE with your bookshelf necklaces (I featured them in a recent blog, which you may have seen). I will definitely order one someday soon- if you ever have any interest in doing some sort of giveaway on my blog, please let me know (just leave me a comment). You are extremely talented!