Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Second Craft Fair!

That's right, I've had my first and second craft fair this month!  The most recent was in Kentish Town in London, at Torriano Infants School.  It was so fun to go to a school and see all the little kiddies running around...

Here's a picture of me at my table, ready for the day!

My lovely husband also came and helped out.  Or, went and found nice things for us to buy!  There were some really nice tables and we came home with some chilli jelly, a tin of green tea, and a felt badge I swapped a pair of my earrings for!

It was a lot shorter than the last one (and so were the tables and chairs!!  Kid size :)) so I think it went better than the first fair I did.  There were more people, and I sold a bookshelf necklace!  I also sold two sushi necklaces to two little girsl who were best friends :)  They now have matching sushi necklaces around their necks, so sweet!  With that and some pairs of earrings, I considered it a so-so successful day.  Not bad at all considering it was the COLDEST day I've ever experienced in May!

Where is the Spring?  Soon we're going to be expecting Summer let alone Spring!

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  1. Hi Cory,

    Well done on braving your second fair. Glad to hear you enjoyed it. Just wanted to say I love your jewellery it's so original and fun.
    Have a crafty week. Ali x