Saturday, 12 May 2012

Tutorial: Make Tiny Teapot Earrings

My first tutorial!  I'm happy to say I've finally got my act together and sat down with painted nails to deliver a video on making my tiny teapot earrings.  Have a look - and try for yourself!  It's not as difficult as it looks to make tiny things!

All you'll need to participate: 2 flat earring studs, polymer clay (any colour), glue (such as super glue), and varnish (or in a pinch, clear nail polish).  Enjoy!


  1. Great tutorial! Good work. Just have to tame your camera :)

  2. Thanks! Ah yes, I need to figure out how to get better focus!! That and keep my hands in front of the shot ;)

  3. I loved the tutorial Cory! You have a bit of an accent now! So quaint <3 You make creating mini teapots look easy! (I have a feeling I will have a bit more trouble but I'm up for the challenge).

  4. Great tutorial Cory and it helps people to appreciate the work that goes into your items! I would love to have a go at making a video tutorial but I don't think my voice is anywhere as nice as yours...also my nails are shocking!