Tuesday, 18 February 2014

An Interview With 'Art as Worship'

Vanessa Lowry runs a blog called Art as Worship, which interviews artists and asks them questions pertaining to their art and spirituality.  I really enjoyed answering Vanessa's questions, as I'm an athiest myself, but have an interest in religion through my studies in

You can read the answers to I gave to Vanessa's here: http://artasworship.net/2014/02/18/cory-cuthbertson/

And have a read of the other interviews as well - it's interesting to see how people view their connection with their art!


  1. did you enjoy the interview? sounds like you had fun.
    I nominated you for liebster awards: hope you don't mind

  2. Nice interview - I like your idea that "we create our own meaning in life, and I find meaning in being happy and making others around me happy". Atheist crafters are few and far between in online crafting communities, so it's nice to see some representation!