Saturday, 8 September 2012

Interesting Placemats!

Since I'm all moving into a new place with my husband, we've been decorating it up a bit and getting a few new household items!  One of those items we're looking for, but had quite a hard time settling on, was a set of nice placemats.  Naturally I turned to Etsy and was charmed to find these cute ones!
So sweet!!  Would I ever use these grass and flower placemats from SassyAlice?  NO, but they're cute and hilarious!

These pebble placemats from BritsBitsandBobs are very pretty and beachy :)

A little bit more practical, these burlap placemats from ruffleddaisy are rustic and pretty.

I thought these placemats from avrilloreti made out of paint chips was a great colourful idea!
So I ended up not getting any of these, and we settled on some plain acacia wooden ones.  Not as quirky as these perhaps...

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  1. They are all so lovely, but for me the nicest one is the grass and daisy table mat. What wonderful imagination the person who created them has. Hope you have a good week.