Saturday, 27 October 2012

October MIA?

*crickets chirping*  It’s been a bit quiet around here…! 

This month I came back from Canada and immediately took on a temporary full time job in London!  I thought, why not?  It’s only the beginning of Christmas season when I should be stockpiling bookshelf necklaces and getting ready for craft fairs.  Why not earn a bit of extra money?  London’s not that far from Oxford, it’s only a 2 hour bus ride…

Yes, in my lunacy for the last month I’ve been back and forth Monday to Friday (that’s 2 hours each way!) to work in an alumni relations office in London.  It’s great fun, and with people who I’ve worked with before, it’s just the whole “now I have no time!” combined with “2 hour bus ride, really??”. 

The fallout from this is that I’ve severely limited the stock I’m selling online in my Etsy shop – only bookshelf necklaces and a few earrings at the moment! I should be free again mid-November to base my life solely around Coryographies, but before that happens – tomorrow in fact – it is my first craft fair of the Christmas season!!  Hooray! Every evening I’m madly scrambling to finish orders so that I can also make a good amount of stock to take on Sunday. 

I will be in Hungerford in the Town Hall, open 10-4.  I’ll also post the other craft fair dates and times where I’ll be if you fancy stopping by!  I could call it… Cory’s Christmas Tour!  YAY!

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