Saturday, 6 October 2012

The Sweet Bookshelf

Etsy shows me were the traffic to my shop is coming from, and I love checking it out because I end up finding blogs that have linked to me or posted one of my items!  More often than not I find a great blog I'll continue reading as well, and here is one of them!

The Sweet Bookshelf is a great blog of book reviews - tons of them are by self published authors which really interests me (when am I going to join the Kindle group of self-published novel fans??).  I saw my antique bookshelf necklace listed a few posts down as well so it looks like there's lots of goodies to find on this site :)  Run by Mary from Scotland, you'll like her clear friendly writing style - and so do tons of others, judging by the 500 readers (through google) I just joined!  I will be coming back to read soon...

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