Wednesday, 18 April 2012

New Craft Shop!

I promised to share the link to In With The Old, the new craft shop in London I'm selling in, as soon as I had the website details - and here they are!  The brand new website to accompany this brand new store is here:  Like, share, and spread the word!  It opens tomorrow!

In With The Old is run by Alice, a young, brave, fashionable, creative wonder who uses old crates such as these apple crates (left) and turns them into beautiful shelves to put up in your home.  Me and my husband are moving to Oxford in the Autumn, and I can't wait to decorate the place with a few of her items.  Check out these adorable pieces she also sells:

This is a silver plated message board (left)  - with rosebud magnets!  Eeeee.  So sweet.  This is very in line with the style of the shop - cute and creative ways to use items a bit differently, and give your home a 'cottage chic' feel!

And my favourite item (right) has to be the antique cutlery hooks.  Beautiful silver spoons bent for you to hang your jacket!  In addition to this, there are also 13 other makers that feature their own handmade and beautiful items in the shop, ranging from sweeet stitched fabric teacups to funky rocket jewllery.

My own items featured in the shop are layed out on one of Alice's own apple crate shelves - mostly my bookshelf necklaces, but some tea pot earrings and a few sushi items too.  I hope people like them!

If you go to the site you can print out a coupon and receive 10% off, and it's good until the 31st of May - when you're in and around London, I hope you stop by and see my (and Alice's, and the other makers') items!

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  1. What a great looking shop and I wish her every success because it certainly deserves is wonderful!