Sunday, 1 April 2012

New for Spring: Gardener's Shelf Necklace

Introducing a brand new bookshelf necklace!  This one is inspired by the Spring season and the fact that I really want to learn how to garden:

Isn't it cute?  It contains lots of cute little handmade polymer clay items such as seed packets, a tomato and a book titled 'Spring' on the first shelf, a bunch of tools and a pair of gloves on the second, and a trug full of garden goodies on the bottom.  A perfect gift for someone who loves gardening.

Now that it's April I wanted to introduce this new Spring-y item - tomorrow I will be rolling out this month's special discount.  And stay tuned for another giveaway to be starting soon as well!  Watch this space! :)


  1. Love it and I agree it is very very cute! Good luck with the gardening and I am looking forward to the giveaway :)


  2. I am amazed, in a long time noone had surprise me that much with their art work. What You are doing is just stunning, love it so much. Wrote to You on forum, liked you on facebook :) and i will follow the blog xxx

  3. Aw thanks you guys! That's really encouraging! My lovely husband just gave me his lovely cold so the giveaway might be a bit delayed but it will definitely be this month ;)