Saturday, 18 August 2012

50 Shades of bookshelves?

Gothic Bookshelf Necklace
I have lots of different designs of bookshelf necklace, and even a few with 'themes' - my Graduation Bookshelf Necklace or my Gothic Bookshelf Necklace for example.  But I never thought of making a themed necklace directly inspired by one book. 

Someone recently asked me if I would consider making a 50 Shades of Grey bookshelf necklace - I've never read the book myself (and I'm not to sure if I will.....), but I'd be happy to try, with some creative direction of course!!

But it's a good idea... a bookshelf inspired by a certain book.  What would a Pride and Prejudice bookshelf necklace look like for example?  Or a Lord of the Rings bookshelf?  Maybe even break out into comics... a Spiderman one would be kind of funny :)

Harry Potter Bookshelf Necklaces

Although I just remembered... I've done Harry Potter themed ones before a long time ago.  Perhaps I should resurrect the idea...

What bookshelf necklace theme would you most enjoy hanging around your neck?  And what would it look like?

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