Sunday, 26 August 2012

Packing up for the move! The psychology of sorting.

It's 6 days until the move in date for my huband and I!  We're packing up everything in boxes and giving everything a really good sort through - the type of cleaning that I actually quite enjoy!  My husband tells me I like to 'inventory' everything and it's true - I like to know what I own and where it is.  And sorting through everything and getting rid of stuff we don't need (or didn't even realise we had!) is a really nice feeling!  I'm sure it's not unusual, getting a really happy satisfaction that everything is in order (or in piles around the room, ready to be put into another flat... in an order).

So this is why I've not been writing very much since returning from France!  I plan to return in full force in October, as I'll be going to Canada to visit family during the last two weeks of September!

But being away for two weeks means I'm going to repeat what happened last time I was away in case you missed it - 15% off everything in my shop if you buy while I'm away, to make up for having to wait a little bit longer!  So if you've been fancying some teapot earrings or a bookshelf necklace, that will be a good time to purchase them to save yourself some pennies :)

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