Tuesday, 14 August 2012

I'm back!

I'm back from sunny France, and back to work in my little workshop!  I had a fantastic time doing archaeology for a month, and have come back tanned, freckled, muscular, and full of cheese.  Which equals pretty happy! 

But I missed my husband, so I'm glad to be home with him again, and of course I missed sitting at my little workshop making tiny bookshelf necklaces into the night.  But now I will be doing that quite a lot - I'm happy to say the 15% discount I offered in exchange for the extra wait to get an item was succeessful!  Not only will I be working hard, I'll be working REALLY hard because I want all the items to go out in my normal 2-7 days I quote for made to order items.

But I'll be back here regularly soon, we can get back on track and do normal things, like a giveaway....!

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