Monday, 25 March 2013


Yes, I'm blogging about berries.  I love berries.  Sweet juicy fruit, magically growing on a bush for our picking pleasure, to put in pancakes or muffins or pies.  It's the best thing!

I was partly inspired by my love of berries to make these little blackberry earrings, made from polymer clay:

Blackberry Earrings by Coryographies

The varnish gives it a nice shine and makes me want to go by tartlet cups and whipping cream!

An old childhood favourite berry was, however, this little darling:

This is the mighty huckleberry, which I loved to graze on when outdoors, and bring in a little margarine container full for Sunday pancakes.  I thought they might make some cute earrings if I can capture their charm.

In a tribute to berries, I've made an Etsy treasury.  See if there's something you like.  Enjoy!

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