Saturday, 9 March 2013

March updates and February roundup

Hey girl, Cory's a bit busy at the moment,
but she'll get that next giveaway up and
running real soon...
In my dialect (the Cory dialect, not the Canadian dialect) a couple of days may mean over a week.  But I will have my next giveaway up and running soon!

So what has happened, right, is I went and got another temporary job.  March - July tend to be pretty dry in the sales.  And by 'tend to' I mean that's the way it was last year!  This is only year 2 of Coryographies after all...

So I got another temporary job to supplement the ol' income while no one buys bookshelf necklaces over the Spring/Summer.  I'm also saving up for that possible PhD that I applied for, and am awaiting new on that - but until then I need to be busy at both jobs.  Which means I'm a bit less bloggy again.

But I'll keep trying!  There's a new necklace to unveil after all, that is sitting on my kitchen table as wel speak... just need to take a few pics and upload them so I can organise the giveaway too.

Also, I haven't done my February round up of books on my supposed goal of reading 150 books in 2013.  I'll be honest here, there's no way I'll make this goal.  But hey, reach for the stars and land on the moon, it's all good.  Here's what I can add for February's reading though:

-The Origins of Grammar: Evidence from Early Language Comprehension by Kathy Hirsh-Pasek and Roberta Michnick Golinkoff

-The Seamstress by Maria Duenas

Doesn't sound like much?  It's not.  But I have read a bunch of papers which I can add to the list which I told myself I can make count...

In other news, my husband has just informed me that there is a place in England called "Bapchild".  Nice.


  1. Looking forward to seeing the new creations!

  2. I'm glad I'm not the only one struggling to keep up with my new year goals! Keep going as I'm sure we'll get there. Can't wait to see the new necklace.

  3. Hmm, Bapchild? I wonder where that originates from.