Thursday, 28 February 2013

February Giveaway Winners!

At last, it's time to announce the winners in my February giveaway!

These will soon be on their way to a good home!

Thank you to everyone who entered, and if you didn't win please don't be discouraged - I'm starting my March giveaway in a few days, and the prize will be a brand new bookshelf necklace I will be unveiling at the same time!!! (woooo mysterious!)

*drumroll* So, the winner of the second prize in my giveaway, who was selected at random by Rafflecopter is...

***Ashleigh A.!***

Congratulations!  You win a pair of book stud earrings :)

*bigger drumroll* ...and the grand prize, of a Harry Potter Bookshelf Necklace and matching book earrings goes to... 

*********Janne L.!*********

Hooray!  Congratulations!  I'll be contacting you both shortly to let you know you've won, and to request your address so I can send you your prizes!!

Again, thanks so much to everyone who entered.

And again, if you didn't win, please stick around for my next giveaway in a couple of days...!

Also, you can just go buy your own Harry Potter bookshelf necklace from my Etsy shop!

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  1. Hi Cory, I just read your message on exchanging buttons on Book Blogs. I've added yours. Thank you for adding mine! I'm kicking myself for missing this giveaway, but am looking sooo forward to March's. Congrats to the winners here!

    Have a great day. :)


  2. Cory, I hope you don't mind but I have nominated you for a Liebster Blog Award. More details are over on my blog
    Anji x

  3. Thank you Cory! My Book Stud Earrings arrived this morning. I wrote a blog about it too, naturally ;)