Monday, 11 February 2013

Kraft Dinner Recipes: Canadian food that brings joy series 1

Here are some amazingly delicious Kraft Dinner recipes for all to try.

Kraft Dinner is the one food that, while a student living on a typical Canadian student diet of perogies, instant noodles and sushi, never got old.  One reason for this is there are just so many ways to jazz it up!  Here are some of my favourites:

Maple Beans and Tomato Kraft Dinner

The title isn't too mysterious.  Make Kraft Dinner according to the original recipe, and add half a tin of Heinz Maple flavoured beans.  Top with chopped fresh tomato.  My all time favourite!  So good it doesn't even warrent ketchup.

Extra Cheezy Broccoli Kraft Dinner

This title isn't too mysterious either.  Cook according to usual instruction, but while boiling the pasta, drop in chopped broccoli florets.  Top with cubed cheddar cheese.  Yum!

Kraft Dinner Primavera

While boiling the pasta, add frozen peas and follow the rest of the directions normally.  Mix in 5 or 6 tablespoons of vegetable pasta sauce.

Tuna Sweetcorn Kraft Dinner

This one doesn't really need explaining does it.  Add tin of tuna.  Add tin of corn.  Mix.  But!  There is an option: instead of using milk, use mayonnaise!  It gives it a nice creamy taste with a bit of a different flavour, that goes nice with the tuna and corn :)  Give it a try!

These are the ones that I cooked time to time (but lets be honest - nothing beats the original with ketchup!).  

Take a look at some of the other Kraft Dinner recipe that are out there though - you can get pretty extravagant!  Check out this collection on Pinterest:

I think this entire blog post was inspired by the fact I realised I only have one box of Kraft Dinner in the cupboard, and you can't buy it in the UK.  I need a care package :(

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