Sunday, 3 February 2013

150+ Book Reading Challenge - January Summary

Month 1 of the challenge, let's see!  To read 150 books in a year I'll need to average a bit more than 10 per month... and I've reached a measly 7.  I'm aware I've set myself up for a bit of a failure, but it HAS been making me read more, and indeed more fiction (though I'm afraid you won't see it in the 'completed' pile yet)!

So lets see how I've done.  Remember, I've given myself a special clause that means journal articles can count.  But I'm only counting them if I sit down and read them start to finish - and when I'm researching, say, my PhD proposal (WHICH I JUST SUBMITTED A FEW DAYS AGO!!), I often don't read an article start to finish (often I've read it previously and am just checking and rereading sections!).  So I've only counted journal articles that I haven't read before, and I've sat down and read closely and completely.  In that way it's as if I'm sitting down and reading a short story... just a short story that may make my brain hurt.

Back to the list!  January summary!

2013 Completed Reading List

1. The Wild Life: a Year Living on Wild Food by John Lewis-Stempel

2. The Social Brain and the Shape of the Palaeolithic (Cambridge Archaeological Journal) by Clive Gamble, John Gowlett and Robin Dunbar

3. Human Evolution and the Archaeology of the Social Brain (Current Anthropology) by John Gowlett, Clive Gamble, and Robin Dunbar

4. Origins and Revolutions by Clive Gamble

5. Language the Cultural Tool by Daniel L. Everett

6. The Importance of Conveying Visual Information in Acheulean Society. The Background to the Visual Display Hypothesis (Human Origins) by John McNabb

7. The Identity Model: A Theory to access Visual Display and Hominin Cognition within the Palaeolithic (Human Origins) by James Cole

In Progress
-Breakfast with Socrates by Robert Rowland Smith
-The Origins of Grammar: Evidence from Early Language Comprehension by Kathy Hirsh-Pasek and Roberta Michnick Golinkoff
-The Seamstress by Maria Duenas

I actually thought I'd get through a lot more books, since I was bed ridden for a lot of January after I got my tonsils out.  But I was fuzzy on lots of medication, and focussing my eyes and concentrating on words was NOT on my to-do list.  Maybe February will see an improvement...

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