Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Fashion Tights - Decorate your Legs!

Eye Exam Chart Tights by Nylon Journal

Pirate Tights by TejaJamilla

Skeleton Bones Tights by Gozdepiskin

Embellished Tights by Emteesee

Boots Or Not Tights by ChicTights

Goldfish Tights by galstern


  1. Love them! There are so many pairs of tights like these I really want to buy from Etsy~

  2. The tights look so special and unique. I love them.
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    Thank you.


  3. Woah! These are so unique! I did not find any mesh cut out leggings in here though. I have seen my friends wearing those, it looks really hot and amazing when in the gym and on streets as well. But, I guess I can surprise them with one of these.