Wednesday, 10 April 2013

My Craft Apron

I love my craft Apron... I bought it at a craft fair with my crafty earnings a few months ago, and whenever I wear it it puts me in the crafty zone!

It's sweet and polkadotted, has big pockets, and gives me something else to wipe my varnish-y and paint-y hands on so I don't keep ruining my trousers.

Plus, and I know it sounds strange, but it's actually quite warm... it's just a nice thick cotton material, but in my chilly house in chilly England during this chilly winter (yes it's still winter in England, it's been lasting FOREVER), layers are a must.

And it's a bonus if those layers are cute polkadots that make you feel creative and artsy.


  1. Cute apron! I've just been wearing my polkadot apron for baking, a friend made it for me and also made matching oven gloves to go with it! I wish winter would end too.. Hx

  2. Oh it's adorable! I can totally see why you love it. I don't think I would ever take it off! You've now got me thinking...I really should sort out an apron for when I'm crafting, especially one with pockets. I might have a go at making one - another project for the never ending pile of projects then! ;-)

  3. There is something about an apron for getting into the crafty frame of mind! Mine has cakes on it, which inevitably makes me want cake whenever I craft. Don't look down...