Monday, 22 April 2013

South Dakota - Another US State on my list gets a Coryographies package!

Spearfish Falls, South Dakota
In my neurotic attempt to keep track of where in the world I've sent my jewellery to, you may remember an earlier post this year where I'd created a map of US states and filled in all the states I've sent my jewellery to.

It turned out that in the 1.5 years Coryographies has been up and running, I'd sent to 45 of 50 states!  How much Coryographies love is that!?  The missing states that I was after were then Hawaii, West Virginia, South Dakota, Montana, and Wyoming.  Ones that I might personally have to visit wearing a sandwich board advertising my jewellery.

So since I don't have the money to fly to America and do what would probably be a very fun targeted road trip, I was very happy to receive an order from South Dakota near Coryographies' two year anniversary!


So I therefore name South Dakota my current favourite US state, because this week it has made me happy.

The Badlands in South Dakota
But I know nothing about South Dakota!  Do you?  This is what my preliminary research has found out:

South Dakota is in the mid North of the US.  It has stunning natural beauty (just look through the photos on Pinterest!).  Its name comes from the Lakota and Dakota native tribes (whose names I remember from linguistics classes, when we looked at the Lakota language a few times!).

The capital city is called Pierre, but the biggest city is Sioux Falls.  It has a gold rush history, much like where I'm from in Canada.  The town of Deadwood is also in South Dakota, which the HBO series of the same name took place in, adapted from a book starring Wild Bill Hockok, Calamity Jane and others!  A real wild west state with lots of history.  Mount Rushmore is even in South Dakota, I didn't know that!

So there you have it.  The education that Coryographies brings to you and me.  Which state will be next to make me very happy for a week?  Come on Hawaii!!

Mt Rushmore in South Dakota

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  1. just hopped over from your shop to say hello :)
    it's a great idea to keep track of where your creations end up...