Wednesday, 9 October 2013

How long does it take to get internet...?!

My pretty new coat!
The Edie coat by Darling
I'm still waiting for a home internet connection! Amazingly, it still hasn't been set up in the new house. But it's the usual story, isn't it - new connections always take ages, and there's always unforseen problems. We were told it would be set up September 30th, then there was an issue and it would be corrected in the next three days, then the next three, then the next...

So this of course means I've been silent on the blogging front, just as there's so much to post about! My shop is back, I'm excited to be making bookshelf necklaces again, and setting up a new crafting space in my new bedroom. I have a new desk, and I have ideas for making a beautiful pegboard. And maybe decopatching the new desk? I also want to learn how to garden, and blog my trials as I learn about bulbs and weeding.

I have been having to run the newly reopened Etsy shop from my mobile phone, which is a bit difficult.  I don't have the best phone for internet functionality, and mobile sites are laid out differently, and I find I'm missing messages that people are sending me, which makes me very paranoid! I'm therefore making frequent trips to the coffee shop (such as now), to make sure everything is in order.

And did I mention I'm now a PhD student? Life is hectic but fun and interesting, and I'm now spending quite a lot of time at home (or coffee shop) and at the computer - yet sans internet (unless at the coffee shop)!!

One thing keeping me happy is I have a lovely new winter coat, in pretty mustard which is my new favourite colour that I want to be everywhere and on everything. It makes me feel like Autumn is really here, the leaves are falling and I'm a real student and everything. It's snowballed out of control though, new coat means I want new gloves, new scarves, and new boots.  Watch this space for vain selfies and ridiculous poses!

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