Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Moving in - setting up craft desk!

I've been moved in to the new house for a while now, and I have a new craft desk!  It's white, so I think I might decopatch it in a pretty light paper with birds or something.  But for now it looks TERRIBLE!  But I'm still getting work done :)  Note the random items that don't really belong - the ice pack on the floor...?
Here's some closer proof I've been hard at work making bookshelf necklaces:

Here are two of my Pride and Prejudice Bookshelf Necklace, and two Harry Potter Bookshelf Necklaces! They seem to be the most popular at the moment :)


  1. I love seeing people's creative spaces! My desk is alarmingly white as well. I don't like getting expensive/nice furniture for my crafty spaces though because I'll get paint on them or something @.@

  2. What a lovely space and great photos too! I can't wait to see how you decorate your desk. I have a pine (urgh) desk, which I'm desperate to decorate but I'm too busy making! One day, one day!
    Jo |