Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Aaaaand, we're open! Discounts!!

Coryographies' Etsy shop is back up, finally! I can't believe how much I missed it, and the crafting and networking and meeting people that comes along with it. However, in my amazing way of sceduling things, I opened my shop at the same time I've been moving house AND starting a PhD. No biggy. So I have no internet at home at the moment, and am doing everything from my phone or from uni (when I should be reading!!) which makes things a tad difficult. Also, I was due to send out the September edition of my Newsletter, but because of some hiccups it is now going to be the October version ;) I did promise everyone a 15% off exclusive discount however, for the month of October, and I haven't forgotten! Wiggle on over to my newly opened site (, and use the code 'OCTOBER15', and buy yourself or a loved one something pretty! Come on, I'm standing here with saw and glue and paintbrush at the ready!!

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