Friday, 5 September 2014

Coryographies moves yet again... workshop number three!

Ah, the life of a transient student.  Never in one place for long. My husband and I are unpacking boxes in a new flat - and I really do mean new!  That's exciting for the UK, where I've only lived in places originally built before central heating and indoor toilets were commonplace, so there's been much jiggery-pokery and everything doesn't always fit/work
quite right!  Whereas this place... underfloor heating, double glazing, doors that open and close properly, a built in wardrobe (known as a closet to my countrymen)... it's heaven!  We still live in Oxford, and we're still quite central, and so far we're very happy! Above is a photo of my new work area, sad and waiting to be filled with equipment...!

In fact, I'm now unpacked and everything's placed where it should be. I even sat down for a few hours yesterday evening and today, to make a few orders - unfortunately, I used the new oven, which I'm not used to, and ended up burning a bunch of Fimo items!! Oops.  I'll have to do those over again tomorrow... but I'm so happy to be back from a summer away (I was in France again on an archaeological excavation), that I don't mind tediously forming 6 more identically shaped squares out of the Fimo colour I've found is almost used up....

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