Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Hunting for backpacks

Blue leather and canvas backpack by skyleatherstudio
I've been surprised at the backpacks listed on Etsy - not surprised that there is such a great range, which I expected, but that many are quite affordable, too! September is of course back to school for many, but for us university kids it's often late September early October. So I have only now starting looking disdainfully at my 7 year old detachable day bag that
zips on to my travel backpack that I have been using as a regular uni backpack, and my 5 year old ripped and mended cheap stained backpack I bought when I first moved to the UK - and am thinking it's time for something new.  Here are some of my favourite backpack picks from Etsy:

Turquoise tweed waxed canvas backpack by WoolyBison
Canvas and leather backpack by CanvasLeatherArt
Woolen herringbone backpack by ShaunDesign

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