Sunday, 7 September 2014

Dr Who Bookshelf Necklace, new design on Etsy!

Dr. Who Bookshelf Necklace by Coryographies, £32 on Etsy
I have a brand new bookshelf necklace design that I've unveiled to coincide with the new Dr Who season. I hope you like it!  It's my Dr Who Bookshelf Necklace, and I've painted the
back to look like a Tardis!
Flip it around to the other side and it's the classic bookshelf necklace, but with a sonic screwdriver placed on the middle shelf :)  I hope Dr Who fans enjoy this - I've sold two so far, but am getting mentally ready for Christmas orders.  Dr Who fans seem to love their merchandise, and a quick search on Etsy shows so many amazing items people have crafted based on the show!  Here are some favourites of mine:

Dr Who cushion by ThisShopReallyRocks

Dr Who handpainted shoes by PricklyPaw
Dr Who earrings by JamJarShop
Dr Who doormat by DamnGoodDoormats


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