Friday, 23 December 2011


Welcome to Coryographies' very own blog!  This blog has been set up to accompany my Etsy shop, as well as share new ideas and interesting things I find.  Hopefully I can set up giveaways and show some tutorials as well as sharing my favourite shops!

A little bit of an introduction to my own shop then...

My name is Cory, so I named my shop "Coryographies", being full of my creations and things that I make.  I started selling on Etsy in April 2011.  My first items were polymer clay sushi jewellery designs like these:


Soon I started branching out with other designs and materials.  Now my biggest selling items include these tiny and cute bookshelf necklaces!


My style is quirky, colourful and fun, and reflects the things that make me happy in life.  I hope to start including some paintings in my shop, and introducing some more bookshelf necklace designs in the new year!

I hope you will follow the goings on in this blog and my Etsy shop, and that you enjoy what you see!


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