Monday, 26 December 2011


Crafty miracle prayers to the artsy gods have been answered, and I got a sewing machine this Christmas!!  Conquering all odds, I will find a place for it in my tiny flat, most likely in the corner of the living room - so hopefully people don't mind the ensuing whirring and cursing that might be!

I haven't done any sewing at all since Home Economics classes circa 1997-98, so this is going to be an education.  But as long as I have Youtube, it will all be fine, right? 

I can't wait to get started and see what I can create... it all seems a bit overwhelming, the possibilities are endless.  If anyone has any suggestions for an easy starter project I'd be interested :)  Or in some free lessons...?

I've spent this Christmas in York, and the town is beautiful and full of lovely crafty shops.  Many of them contain so many things I'd love to learn how to make, and one of them is nice little handkerchiefs.  This sewing machine also does embroidery, so I wonder if that means I have the tools to make sweet little handkerchiefs?  I'll have to look up a couple lessons and share I think...

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas!


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