Friday, 13 January 2012

Conquering America... and the world!

One thing that makes me happy is to look at the addresses from the many people that purchase my jewellery from around the world.  And because I'm a bit sad, I like to keep track of where all those people are from... and if you're interested, I thought I'd share!

Now most of the people that purchase from my shop are from the US.  And with 50 states, there's lots of interesting addresses to watch out for!  Here's the map of all the Coryographies wearers in the USA:

Look at all that red :)  It looks like there's about 18 states to go, maybe I'm going to have to think of an incentive to get a few more states on board!

And here is the world map - after the US, most of my customers seem to be from Canada, Australia, and here at home in the UK.  But many other countries have made appearances, such as Bulgaria, Japan, Sweden, Brunei...

It's so great to think that something I've put heart and time into might be being enjoyed so far away by someone :)  It gets me a bit sentimental!


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