Monday, 9 January 2012

New Bookshelf Necklace: Tea Shop

I've introduced a new bookshelf necklace to my Etsy shop!  Well... not technically new, since I made this design about 6 months ago, and then made just one and sold it.  But someone requested I make another recently, and I decided to start making them made-to-order!

My jewellery reflects things in life I love, like sushi, books... and it's natural that tea is incorporated somewhere!  This bookshelf is a bright sunny yellow, and the inside back board is a light pink.  I made tiny teapot and teacup with saucer to place on the shelves in white polymer clay as well.  It sells for £30 plus shipping.  Taadaa! 

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  1. Hey Cory! Thanks for following my blog :) I love your necklaces! You are definately uber talented! I am now following you too!