Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Bubble Tea!

Once thing that I love and haven't been able to have since I lived in Canada is bubble tea!  Bubble tea is a Taiwanese drink (usually cold but you can have it hot) made of really milky sweet tea in different flavours with tapioca pearls (the 'bubbles'). 

I really miss going out for bubble tea with friends - in England, cafes don't stay open very late (most are closed by 6 in the evening), so if you want to go out with a friend in the evening the usual spot is a restaurant or a pub.  But buying a meal or alchohol is expensive, and I like sitting somewhere quieter and not so dark as a pub.  Bubble tea cafes are often open late, have tables and a few food items to order if you're peckish, and you can sit and have a chat with friends in an easy relaxed atmosphere for a few dollars.  It's really nice!

I think the UK would benefit from bubble tea catching on and becoming popular (they'd also benefit from cafes opening later, yeesh)...  here is a video of how to make your own bubble tea!  I think I will have to try and buy some pearls online (or the alternative coconut jelly which was always my favourite!) and make it myself!!

Speaking of bubble tea, I've seen some very cute polymer clay sharms made to look like bubble tea drinks, such as these from FatallyFeminine!

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