Friday, 9 March 2012

Cory is a fan: Poppa's Boats

I've fallen in love with these boat-shaped shelving units from Poppa's Boats, and as soon as I showed my husband his first question was, "How much to get one shipped over here?" 

The one that first caught my eye was a bookshelf, and we all know I'm a bookshelf enthusiast, but the one I've really fallen in love with is this gorgeous blue wine rack:

How beautiful is that?  I can just see it in my kitchen or even in the livingroom, and no doubt it would be a great conversation piece!  The beautiful blue gives it a lovely nautical feel as well.  I hope my future house is somewhat by the sea... although being in Britain, can you ever get that far from it?  I doubt you can live anywhere and not hear seagulls... and therefore nautical themed items are justified :)

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