Sunday, 4 March 2012

March Giveaway!

This month is the month of Coryographies' first giveaway!  And in following the tea theme, the prize will be a lovely package of my tea items: a Tea Shop Bookshelf Necklace and matching Teapot Earrings!

One winner will be selected very officially from my upturned cloche hat:

The way to enter: there are three ways to enter your name in the prize draw!  Do all three and get your name in the draw three times!  

The first way is to follow my blog.  The second is to follow my Facebook page.  The third is to follow me on Twitter (@Coryographies)!  Do one, two or all of these, and then comment on this post saying which ones you voted by!  Make sure you let me know which ones you voted by, so I know how many times to enter you in the draw.  If you're already following one of these, it counts in the current draw as a vote - just mention to me which of these three voting methods applies to you, and your name will go in my magic hat!

You can enter the draw until midnight GMT on Sunday, March 25th - I will draw the winner and notify them on the 26th!  Check back here on the 26th to see who won, along with some riveting pictures of the prize draw, though I will notify you myself if it's you  to make sure you're aware and so I can get your address to post your prize :)

Good luck!

P.S. You can be from anywhere in the world and I'll pay postage to send it to you... I wont make you pay to get your prize or anything ;)


  1. Koumori/Jess here~ <3 I followed your Twitter, and your Facebook (I didn't even know you had them, shows how much I pay attention >_>) And although I have your blog bookmarked, I'm guessing that doesn't count. So two out of three! *crosses fingers* Gotta love those bookshelf necklaces *_*

  2. I love your bookshelves!! Happy to be a follower on Twitter and FB. Have replied on Cf, let me know if you'd like me to blog about your giveaway - email x

  3. I've done all three! Love your bookcases, book earrings and teapots!! They're brilliant! So detailed!! I really want to order some teapot earrings, but as I've only just started out myself on etsy, facebook etc. it'll have to wait (or till my birthday!), Rachel (Made by Messymuppet)

  4. Wow, I'm so glad I found your blog! I love the bookcase and teapots and have just looked at your post about writing on polymer clay. My husband instantly recognised the earrings as Penguin Books! I used to make jewellery and had a short spell experimenting with polymer clay but nothing as fantastic as yours. You may like to pop over and have a look at my blog. My latest creation is a little larger than yours!! He's called Chester. Oh! By the way! I have followed you on all three!

  5. The teapot earrings are so lovely. I have joined your blog followers, liked you on Facebook and now follow you on Twitter. Hope you have a good week.

  6. wow i love the necklace. followong you on twitter

  7. I think your stuff is super cute! I've joined your blog followers and liked you on Facebook and I can't wait to see your new stuff :)

  8. > New Blog Follower
    > New Facebook Follower
    > New Twitter Follower

    First time I have come across your blog and saw this adorable little collection! I couldn't resist but to enter your prize draw and am glad that I have joined your other connections [Facebook&Twitter] as I won't miss out on a chance to see what other work you have and display. Off to have a look through your gallery and see what delights you have created.

    Good Luck everyone!