Monday, 21 January 2013

100 followers on GFC! And New Year plans.

Hooray, I've reached 100 followers on Google Friend Connect!  This has been my goal before I start doing giveaways and things again.  I'll have to get ready setting one up now :)

If only my workshop looked like this :)
I'm also on the road to recovery from my tonsilectomy, and feel like I can start slowly returning to the kitchen table and doing some sawing now.  It's been as painful as expected, but I naievely thought 'bed ridden' meant 'lots of time to read and work on things'.  But no...

So I'm hopefully back in the swing of things in full force now.  I might have mentioned in earlier posts that I'm applying to start a PhD next Autumn, so I will also be working on getting my application together - I'm quite excited about that!

I DO want to get my new bookshelf designs up and made soon - I have 2 in particular that I want out very soon, and another 2 that I will be trying to put together after that.  They will be necklaces that are 'themed' more than my previous ones, and I'm excited to share them :)

So we have lots to look forward to with Coryographies this year... as soon as I get back to working hard that is :)

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