Monday, 7 January 2013

15% off - and ZOMG, I'm going in for sugery in 4 days!

Gulp!  I've never had surgery before, and now facing me is a scary tonsilectomy at the end of the week.  Apparently it's really painful, and the recovery time is about 2 weeks.

I'll keep my shop open as usual, but will be offering 15% off to people who purchase from me while I'm bed-ridden and not at the kitchen table workshop!  The discount will apply from today to January 18th, and people who purchase during that time will not have their order started until after the 18th.

Use the code BOOTONSILS in the coupon field at point of purchase :)

Boo tonsils!  Now visit my shop :)


  1. At least this lovely occasion gives you license to consume all the ice cream, pudding, and smoothies you could ever want!

  2. If there is any silver lining, that's the one!! :)

  3. I hope things go well which I am sure they will! Make the most of your time off :)