Tuesday, 1 January 2013

A Look Back at 2012 and the 5 states with no bookshelf necklaces!

I've had such a fun 2012 with Coryographies.  This year I've experienced my first ever craft fairs, selling my necklaces at In With The Old in London, launching my Facebook page and Twitter, doing giveaways, the month long hiatus when I was in France and came back to ALL THOSE ORDERS, the full time office work in September-November that was crazy to balance and still do this... and lots more!

Last year around this time I looked at all the US states I sold to in 2011, the first year of Coryographies:

At that time I estimated I had sent to about 30 states, which I was thrilled about!  The US is the country I sell the most of my necklaces too, and it's been so fun looking up towns where people are from, and learning the states and where they are located (I love maps...)

So in a look back to 2012, here is the NEW updated map of US States who have purchased a Coryographies bookshelf necklace:   (drumroll...)

Ta daa!!  I'm so impressed, look at how many states I've been lucky enough to send one of my necklaces!  It makes me so happy to feel like there's a big web of Coryographies wearers out there, wearing our bookshelf necklaces together...

I think I was most pleased about selling to a girl from Alaska - Alaska is closish to where I'm from, and I think of it as the wild wilderness similar to where I'm from :)

But there's 5 more to go still!  The 5 remaining states yet to receive a bookshelf necklace are: Hawaii, Montana, Wyoming, South Dakota, and West Virginia!  If you're reading this and you are from one of these states... come on... lets fill out the rest of this map!  Join our bookshelf necklace club!

I still have to update the world map, and I'm going to introduce a Canada map as well to update.  I'm not forgetting the rest of the world I promise :)  Maybe I should have a county map for the UK as well!  And an Australian province map?  Don't worry, I realise I'm entertaining myself more than anyone else ;)

2013 looks to be a good year - I'm going to introduce more bookshelf necklace, start doing giveaways again, possibly start doing book reviews and make my blogging even more active and interactive :)  I hope you'll come back to visit often as I bumble towards the 2nd anniversary of Coryographies!

Thanks for being there!


  1. This is so amazing!! Your bookshelf necklaces are so cute! I now know why they are such a hit :)

  2. Hi! I'm new follower from Book Blogs! Happy New Year!:)

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